Natural Red Oak/Ash Fancy Plywood with 2.7mm-18mm

Red oak is much harder, more stable, clearer in texture, elegant in color, and resistant to abrasion. A large number of decoration, furniture, flooring and other materials are all made of oak. It has wide practicability, strong water absorption and corrosion resistance.
Ash has good processing properties and is suitable for dry climates, with minimal aging and little performance change. Compared with its weight, ash has very good overall strength performance, good shock resistance and steam bending strength.
Both are popular in the market, and we are familiar with the demand of the clients due to so many years experience.
With high quality veneer, E1/E2 glue, serious production, our Plywood has balanced high strength, is not easy to shrink, expand, deform, and will not crack when nailing or screwing. Because plywood is a man-made board, it has a wide range of sizes and can be customized in different sizes according to different needs. Plywood is light in weight, easy to produce, move, and install.
2021 is on the way. Due to the Corona virus, we have a tough 2020. And we do hope everything will be better in the new year.

Post time: Nov-27-2020