Bamboo Plywood Meet E0 and E1 Standard

Bamboo plywood formwork is the third generation formwork after wood formwork and steel formwork. Using bamboo plywood as a template is a trend in the contemporary construction industry. Bamboo plywood is suitable for horizontal formwork, shear wall, vertical wallboard, viaduct, overpass, dam, tunnel and beam and column formwork, etc. With its superior mechanical properties and high cost performance, it is replacing wood and steel formwork in construction formwork.
We export bamboo plywood to different countries all over the world in many years.
With the strict selection and serious production, meet E0 and E1 Standard , the bamboo plywood has high strength and good toughness, wide width, less seams, fast mold support and mold removal. The board surface is flat and smooth, easy to demould. After demoulding, the concrete surface is flat and smooth, which will shorten the construction period. Good water resistance, the glue will not be opened, and it will maintain high strength after boiling and freezing.
2021 is coming. Thanks for the support during this tough corona period. Let’s cooperate with each other and do hope the coming year will be better.

Post time: Nov-06-2020